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Post80s Beauties Sell 15 million Custom Garments Annually on the Internet
Release time:2019-05-10   Source of the article:   

More and more post-80s and post-90s choose to buy clothes online, and seldom go to physical stores. However, the reporter noticed that in a small clothing store in Xinjiekou, Nanjing, there was an endless flow of customers, with a daily turnover of up to 50,000, while the clothing store next to it was generally popular. The boss is a self-made beauty of the post-80s generation. Only after a careful inquiry did she find that the post-80s generation has a lot of pioneering experience. She orders clothes through the Internet and provides off-line physical store services, with sales of more than 15 million a year.

Speaking of shopping malls or online stores to buy clothes, people think of a single style or can not try on; speaking of high-end customization, many people feel that skilled, excellent quality clothing brand is difficult to find. How to solve this embarrassing situation? On the 16th floor of Zhenghong Building, Hongwu Road, the reporter found Zhang Xueyu, who has been engaged in garment industry for 12 years. She introduced, "in my riddle free life hall, there are private custom services, using the" Internet + "mode, working with different levels of designers, from online to offline, to provide customers with fashionable and personalized luxury clothing.

In the shop, the reporter saw Mr. Zhang who is engaged in IT industry. He said that his figure is special, and that the non-standard size of "short and fat" makes it necessary to "change knives" to buy clothes directly from the garment store. Owing to the need of work, Mr. Zhang often has to go out to some fashionable and fashionable occasions. He is very distressed by the lack of close-fitting clothes. He told reporters that his friend recommended the Mystery Store, which can customize clothes individually. He decided to try it once. Mr. Zhang also put forward his own ideas and ideas. He tried them on every few days and slightly modified them. As a result, his heterosexual relationship soared after he got the upper body of his clothes. Since then, Mr. Zhang has often come here to customize ready-made clothes. "It's not just a simple service upgrade, but a completely new way of shopping that really realizes"my consumption is my decision".

"Since the guests are willing to spend money on my clothes, I need to ensure the quality, the price is fair and reasonable." Asked about the reasons for the boom in business, Zhang Xiaoyu said with a smile, "To tell the truth, I graduated from junior high school, do not know any market rules and marketing concepts, but feel that things are good and cheap, should be bought by someone, as a matter of fact, the popularity is high, and there are many customers coming and going every day. When I was a child, my family was not in good condition. My father died of illness very early. In order to pay the family debts, I went out to work in the garment factory. Starting from a garment factory, I really didn't know anything at that time. In addition to her own lack of funds, do not know how to decorate, she also encountered factories rolling money running, funds can not be collected back, mentioning her entrepreneurial experience, Zhang Xueyu is very open-minded, "Fortunately, I also have advantages, know all links such as fabric, technology, design, publishing, since then, I have to supervise every link."

At present, the price of customized suit for men is between 4000 and 6000 yuan. Within a week of launching, microstores have completed seven transactions. Zhang believes that tailor-made clothes should first consider fit, which not only refers to size, but also matches skin color, personality, chic style and meet the basic needs of the occasion. In addition, material selection, tailor-made design, tailoring, sewing, ironing and so on should be patiently served. Clothing factories mass production, shopping malls mass sales, now living standards are getting higher and higher, people are beginning to be unsatisfied with such consumption, customized lifestyle and consumption mode will gradually become the mainstream. "Unlike advanced customization in France, the product of this new concept of customization is not necessarily expensive, but it must be of high quality and designed only for a small group of people, indicating a specific way of life or attitude."

Reporters learned that in China, advanced customization has just begun in the last five years. Experts in the apparel industry pointed out that some people attributed the high rate of ready-made clothes pricing in shopping malls to the high deduction points in shopping malls. It is reported that the deduction points in general shopping malls ranged from 20% to 30%, and some shopping malls could even reach 50%. At the same time, in order to cope with various promotional actions of shopping malls, apparel enterprises had to increase the rate of product pricing. Therefore, there is an embarrassing situation that stores can't sell clothes without discount.

Correspondingly, e-commerce mode also attracts the transformation of clothing enterprises. In the view of experts, similar to the mystery of the free life hall clothing customization, integration of Internet + sales, the walking mode of two legs is the trend of the times, there will be more in the future, creating a platform on the Internet, with the function of network self-service customization and ordering, can provide more convenient and intimate service for consumers; and the "offline experience consumption center" can better satisfy some of the pairs. Sexual design and experiential services have their own needs of consumers. The organic combination of traditional mode and network promotes the perfect presentation of the online and offline mode of O2 O, so that personalized fashion customization can meet the needs of more consumers.
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