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Personal Wearing Choose Clothing Processing Customization
Release time:2019-05-08   Source of the article:   

   The word "customization" originated from the wartime men's clothing industry. A tailored suit was something that many people wanted to own at that time. With the passage of time, consumer differentiation, consumer income level and value judgment are different, leading to consumer demand for products are different. Dalian foreign trade clothing processing in the era of personality publicity, small to personal items, large to travel and purchase, can be customized. It is understood that at present, the domestic costume customization consumption expenditure is still at a very preliminary stage, and has a very large market potential. In addition, under the background of "Internet +", some Internet companies have begun to influence or even change our way of life and consumption habits. With the increasingly fierce competition in the field of clothing customization, consumers will also welcome the happiness and convenience brought by the era of customization.

   "Internet +" has become the main driving force for China's economic development. Garment customization has also taken a substantial step. Ding mall will surely have better products, better service and more innovative modes under the influence of "Internet +", and at the same time lead the entire private garment industry to a higher level, so as to integrate all resources to create a new private custom. Ecosphere. In recent years, the clothing industry in China has been in a predicament collectively. In order to transform and save itself, the traditional clothing industry has been involved in e-commerce in recent years. However, it goes without saying that under the new normal situation of China's low and medium economic growth, the competition of apparel e-commerce is becoming increasingly fierce. E-commerce is not the life-saving straw for all traditional industries. Market shuffling is intensifying day by day, and the differentiation is becoming more and more obvious. Especially for the apparel industry, B2C mode of e-commerce is still unable to overcome inventory pressure.
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