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Marketing channel is the key to garment processing in foreign trade
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    Foreign trade brand tailings have always been the "darling" of sales because of their advantages in quality, style and price. The direct way is to contact foreign trade companies in Guangzhou and Shanghai, which generally have foreign trade returns. The content comes from the overstock of some brand goods. Some foreign trade garment manufacturers simply sell all their stocks to online foreign trade companies. Brand goods are one of the most concerned classifications on the Internet. Many buyers search for their favorite brand goods directly. After finding the source of goods, we can try to sell a small amount of goods first. If the sales are good, then we should consider increasing the purchase volume. In short, no matter through which channel to find the source of goods, quality is the key. No matter what clothes are sold in China, they must be marked with Chinese logo. Because some clothes in foreign trade stores are completely marked in foreign languages, and the description of origin and composition are almost all in foreign languages, many consumers mistakenly believe that they are truly international famous brands. In fact, otherwise, if the clothing only has a foreign logo, without the relevant Chinese description, then the clothing brand must be counterfeit.

    Foreign trade clothing is the coveted source of many clothing stores, but the foreign trade clothing market is also very complex, it is easy to get low-quality non-foreign trade goods carelessly, so what details should be paid attention to when distinguishing foreign trade clothing? You need to know the secret of the import channel of foreign trade clothing first. Foreign trade clothing refers to the clothing manufactured by domestic clothing manufacturers according to foreign or foreign samples, domestic material processing and then shipped to foreign customers. Compared with the foreign trade clothing stores which take the low-end route, this kind of foreign trade clothing stores have much better business and higher estimated profits. The main target customers are fashionable men and women who like personalized clothing. These stores usually have more repeat customers, mainly doing business with old customers, and many acquaintances will pre-order the goods of a certain brand.
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