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The History and Future of Garment Processing Industry
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China's garment processing appeared a long time ago, an ancient country with a history of 5000 years, from fur in primitive society to dress in slave society, then to gorgeous clothes in feudal society. Especially the application of silk, let our clothing development more and more diverse. Ancient garment processing industry and its backwardness, everything is handicraft. Every woman will be a scarlet, not a scarlet will be looked down upon. Some people live on handmade handkerchiefs, sachets, hats and so on.

Of course, there are also clothing shops. The clothes that were made were all hand-made. Not all of them could be bought. More of them were made in their own homes. As for the garment processing factories specializing in making clothes, they are made for some wealthy ladies and gentlemen. Needless to say, the styles of those clothes must be fashionable. Clothing in this period, the garment processing industry in this period, is an important component of the small-scale peasant economy.

After the reform and opening up, China's garment processing industry is the first industry to develop. Low investment, low cost, economic benefits can be seen immediately. More importantly, labor costs were relatively cheap and productive at that time. Of course, after China's accession to the WTO, the connection with the international community has deepened, and foreign trade has become an important part of the income source of garment processing enterprises. The clothes made in China are cheaper and of good quality. Under the same price conditions, there is a broader market for clothing in China, and clothing factories are gradually pushing inland. However, with the passage of time, some countries close to our country have begun to introduce foreign capital. Especially in Southeast Asia, when the labor costs in our country are increasing, they have greater advantages than us in terms of human costs. On the premise of interests, many foreign-funded enterprises began to focus on Southeast Asia. In the absence of orders, more and more enterprises are facing survival crisis. Many enterprises failed to withstand the pressure and finally went bankrupt. According to the data, some enterprises disappeared last year. In the final analysis, the reason why this happens is that enterprises do not have the ability to deal with the crisis. The market is risky, the business is risky, and it is the visionary investors who can survive in the market for a long time.

Nobody knows what the future will be like, so what needs to be done? It's actually very simple. There are two ways, one is to do a good job of clothing processing factories, strive to have stable customers, there are fixed orders every year. While stabilizing old customers, we should develop new customers. The second way is to create a brand. This is the way many people know, but rarely to the final processing plant. Why? Maybe the opportunity is not good enough, maybe the reason of the fund, maybe the human reason. But anyway, to do their part well, step by step, steady development, laughing to the end is often those who have perseverance.
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