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How to choose foreign trade clothing?
Release time:2019-04-29   Source of the article:   

First of all, how to choose and purchase foreign trade clothing correctly?

First of all, we should know that the quantity of the same foreign trade garment is very limited. Often you will see the same XX, while there are dozens of hundreds online. Either the seller is the first-hand wholesaler or he is familiar with the manufacturer or the first-hand wholesaler, otherwise he will never get so many goods! If this happens, we need to have a long mind. At this time, you can also search if there are other sellers selling similar products. If you see that other sellers have sales and the number is not small, then most of them are merchandise or imitation, and most of them are imitation.

Secondly, price is also one of the criteria to measure.

Although it is not absolutely true that cheap goods are not good ones, good ones are generally not very cheap. Does that mean that the higher the price, the more authentic things will be? That's not necessarily true, but if the seller can pay a high price, it means that at least the quality of the goods should be good. (Of course, it doesn't exclude deliberate high prices.) One of the main reasons why we offer foreign trade goods is also because of his good workmanship and quality. It is suggested that the buyer refer to the seller's credit evaluation when shopping, whether there are any words such as "bad worker or imitation, counterfeit goods" or not.

Finally, some problems should be paid attention to when choosing and purchasing foreign trade clothing?

Generally, the garments sold on the foreign trade surplus list in the market are divided into two categories, one is the surplus after the export of a single commodity, the other is the disposal of the next production line. If the production is superfluous, then the quantity will be very small, and generally in a few to dozens of pieces. However, the most common product is from the production line, because foreign importers are very strict with the product quality requirements, not allowing a little defect. Because the goods in the monopoly stores are always exquisite, especially some high-end brands. But these foreign trade products are more or less defective, but don't worry, the naked eye of ordinary people is very difficult to see, only clothing inspectors have this experience. Of course, there is another possibility that the contract breach occurs, the good products are not exported, so the factory will cut the bid processing, such a large number of goods, but such a situation is rare in a thousand years.
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