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Clothing Customization: Zero Inventory + Personalization
Release time:2019-04-27   Source of the article:   

Today, we are in an era of "Internet +". I believe you are not familiar with this concept. This is a very vigorous economic form derived from the rapid economic development. Xiaobian's personal understanding is that the combination of the Internet and other industries, constantly inject new energy, and through the power of the Internet to drive the development of the real economy.

In fact, we are not unfamiliar with clothing customization, but the traditional customization mode is inefficient, expensive and inexperienced, and the traditional mode is eclipsed. It can only satisfy the minority consumer groups, and can not open up a broader market.

After joining the "element" of the Internet, the fashion customization model began to become lively.

Emerging VR technology, sensors, visual C-terminal platform, a few seconds volume, a few days ready-made clothes, this has become possible.

One day, when we are sitting at home, we can receive customized clothes that suit our body shape and taste, instead of wandering around in the sun and constantly wearing and tearing off, which will undoubtedly save a lot of trouble for people who are tired of shopping (such as me).
What kind of sparks will the Internet + clothing bring?

Moreover, with the development of the times and the continuous improvement of consumption level, the field of clothing has gone further and further on the road of highlighting personality.

"Internet + clothing customization" is a highly developed and highly efficient mode based on the traditional custom mode. It will become a gluttonous feast for the garment industry.

Today is the era of science and technology, but also the era of the Internet, how to integrate science and technology into clothing customization, it is worth our in-depth thinking.

It can be predicted that in the future, clothing customization will move towards the Internet era, and with the gradual maturity of customization mode, customization market will gradually move towards civilian.

Embrace the Internet and let it be used by "I", which is the crux of the clothing industry to be solved.
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