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What is clothing customization? Secret measurement technology and modern clothing customization.
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What is customization? The simplest expression is "tailor-made clothes". Some people wonder if it's going back to the era of tailors? Actually not. I have said many times that modern fashion customization is neither a simple return to the traditional "tailor shop" nor a replication of the British "Saville Street" model.

Modern clothing customization, first of all, should serve the public, not only a small number of high-end groups; secondly, it should keep up with the pace of the Internet era, that is to say, it can not follow the path of "full customization, manual customization", and it should be perfectly integrated with industrialization and intellectualization. Thirdly, it is necessary to decide one person and one edition in a single quantity. 

When it comes to single-size, single-person, one-version, we can not but talk about a position: measuring body.

In the era of "wearing less clothes without clothes", tailors can make a new dress.

Now this is the age of "choosing clothes". First, wear it well, and second, wear it right. Dressing well means both fitting and beautifying the body. Dressing right is a requirement for the quality of the wearer. Because clothing is the carrier of culture and civilization, in a sense, it has its rules. It can not be worn indiscriminately or wrongly. Wearing indiscriminately means disobeying the rules, and wearing wrongly means being impolite. It is disrespectful to the organizers and other participants.

Because of this, the garment customization industry must not be a simple industry that only creates GDP, nor is it just an industry that solves the bottleneck for the large garment industry. It is an industry that leads people to carry forward costume culture and create national civilization.

Quantity is the most basic service to complete "single-volume discretion, one-person-one-edition". It is the process of direct meeting with customers and providing professional services. It is the "temperature" service of people, not the "virtual" service of machine and equipment. Therefore, people who master the measurement technology and provide the measurement service will have different degrees, but also higher requirements.

At present, the industry has different needs for the implementers of measurement technology. Store measurement posts, brand enterprise measurement posts, platform measurement posts, in-store customizers, platform customizers, processing customizers and so on. The degree of mastery of technology ranges from primary to intermediate to advanced.

One of the pain points of the clothing customization industry chain is that there is no unified "docking" norms and standards, which leads to the "distortion" of customer data in the process of transmission, resulting in the already few bad orders or loss. At present, processing enterprises are in the ascendant, and customization stores suffer terribly. Especially some large enterprises use their own systems to "standardize" customization stores. Prices and delivery times are squeezed.

Therefore, the industry urgently needs a third party to provide some "standardized" training and industry forums, which not only regulate terminal stores, but also standardize the processing end. Only in this way can the industry develop orderly and benignly.
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