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Experience of Wholesale Business of Foreign Trade Clothing
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    Experience in wholesale business of foreign trade apparel for more than ten years:

    1. Clear and clear scope of business direction

    Foreign trade clothing analysis: ready to make men's or women's clothing? For women's clothing, children, young or middle-aged? For young, leisure or lovely ladies? For leisure, jeans or other optional brands? And so on. Here I just give an example to illustrate what I want to express, maybe everyone's business purpose is different; but as a result, as a young person, I choose to make leisure or other optional brands. Sellers, after all, most of them work part-time and have a lot of their own purchases. Under the limited conditions of time, energy and financial resources, it is difficult to achieve rich and colorful goods in all aspects. Therefore, the direction of operation and the scope of division can help your shop move towards a gradual, solid and smooth direction.

     2. Meeting different needs in different grades

     In fact, foreign trade clothing business is divided into high, middle and low grades as the real market. Customers at different levels of consumption will choose the corresponding grade of consumption. But the problem is that it is very difficult for novices to take the high-grade route at the beginning. After all, at the beginning, they mostly try to do it with the mentality of exploring and exploring. In addition, the market particularity of online shop sales makes customers feel that they can only get good quality and low price, so most of them are new sellers. Dare not invest too much, dare not specialize in high-end routes, rich sellers and buyers are a minority, after all, if only minority consumption to win their own destiny of success, the odds are uncertain.
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