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Talking about the production process of foreign trade garment processing plant?
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    In order to let you know more about foreign trade apparel, Zhuangte apparel knitting gives you a little explanation of the production process of foreign trade apparel processing plant.

    Generally, before receiving orders, factories will make sample clothes for customers and show them their production level. These sample clothes are "advertising offices". When the customer decides to place an order, he will provide the factory with his own design drawing, size, technological requirements, fabric design and other information. Then the factory will do it according to this requirement. Of course, it is impossible to do OK once. There may be many clothes to be approved by the customer (these clothes are to be sent to customers all over the world, why the Japanese and Korean versions of clothes are cheaper, they are some of them. Small factories are imitated according to a picture. These pre-development costs are not needed, and there is no need for someone to supervise their quality. All costs are thrown aside. The lower the cost, the lower the price, the lower the quality of course. After the customer confirms, the factory will start to do production, after all, a method and the factory's production process is different. After determining the process of large-scale goods, it will start to produce large-scale goods. The large-scale goods will be produced. When the customer checks OK and releases the goods, the authentic products will certainly be sold to foreign countries. The "normal" production of large-scale goods here will be completed.

    The rest of the defective goods are put in the factory warehouse to be processed. If the customers sell good overseas products, they may even ask for defective goods. Of course, these products will not flow to the Chinese market. Others will be processed according to the customers'requirements. For example, some customers require that the goods be sold in the factory for two years, while others require that their main marks and listings be removed. Allow sales, these are in order to protect their intellectual property rights, of course, it is understandable that there will be many foreign trade clothing vendors to the factory to collect, and then from the market to online shops, and then to everyone, this is the "normal" process of foreign trade clothing.
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