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This paper expounds the reform and innovation of garment processing in recent years.
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Usually, only 20% of the sewing time (needle movement time) is spent by the sewer. Experts from the Sydney Institute in the United Kingdom have made a thorough study of the whole working process of sewing workers. They have selected six different clothing varieties and eight different sewing machines. After a long-term study, the results show that the distribution of working time of sewing workers is generally as wide as 20% of the time spent on needles, 61% of the time spent on material handling, personal affairs, fatigue and unavoidable delays. 19% of the total. Practice has proved that the rational use of auxiliary workers can not only improve product quality, but also greatly increase production. A production line (according to 15 levelers) needs roughly 1-5 assistant workers. The specific quantity is generally determined according to the variety of production and the condition of equipment.

In the process of garment processing and production, through the research on the standardization of various sewing movements, people gradually developed various special equipment and automation equipment. Such as all kinds of double needle machines, bagging machines, sleeve machines, automatic manual sewing machines for linear sewing, automatic sewing machine, etc. In addition to reducing material handling time, the use of these machines further reduces the factory's dependence on the sewing worker's proficiency. In recent years, the mechanization and automation of the world's garment industry have developed rapidly. Specialized computer-controlled equipment has greatly improved the garment industry's production technology and technology. The introduction and use of advanced apparel equipment has also made China's apparel production rapidly approach the international advanced level, which has undergone tremendous changes.

Sleeve is an important process in garment production, especially fitted sleeves. The consistency of sleeve hill and sleeve shape and shrinkage is the difficulty of production process. Sleeve machine can simplify this process greatly. The programmable sleeve machine is controlled by computer. The sleeve-holding and sleeve-weaving are carried out simultaneously. It can set up 22 different programs and two fixed programs (that is, each program contains several cuff segments, after fixing the cuff segments, each cuff segment can set different cuff volumes), control the different feeding speed of the belt, and ensure the synchronous sewing of cuff and sleeve. The sleeves sewn by the automatic sleeve-spinning machine are evenly eaten, symmetrical left and right, and smooth in appearance.
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