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The Process of Advanced Customization of Clothing
Release time:2019-04-11   Source of the article:   

You like high-end clothing customization. Do you know the process of high-end clothing customization? How can it be considered as high-end clothing customization? Today Changzhou Zhuangte Garment Co., Ltd. Xiaobian and you learn about the process of advanced customization of clothing.

The first step is to communicate fully with the designer (or consultant), through which the designer (consultant) can understand the temperament, temperament, preferences and dressing occasions of the customer. Next, the designer will measure the body, record the size, and draw the style chart according to the customer's identity, skin color, body characteristics and customer's requirements, and communicate with customers to determine the style chart.

In the second step, the customer will choose the fabric under the professional guidance of the designer.

The third step is to tailor carefully.

The fourth step is to enter into the most complex sewing process. During the whole sewing process, customers should try on at least three and a half products. Each time, the surveyor should measure the sample clothes and customers and listen to the customers'sense of trial wear patiently. Then, he will discuss with the customers to modify the plan and improve the details.

The fifth step is to try on the ready-made clothes after they are finished, so as to make the clothes fit the body to the greatest extent and show the unique you in the world.

Today's Chinese apparel industry is transforming from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation. The resurgence of high-level customization of apparel is not only a business opportunity, but also a transformation of high-level technology-added economic model. We hope to inject fresh vitality into the sustained and high-speed development of China's apparel industry. However, in China, high-end clothing customization is not subject to such strict standards. There has always been a voice that China's high-end clothing customization is "pseudo-Gaoding". In this regard, designer Lin Zihan admits that there is a gap between China and international advanced customization. "European advanced customization has a history of nearly 100 years, while China's real customization industry started less than 20 years ago." Lin Zihan said that at present, there is no clear and mature development model to draw lessons from. There are many high-level clothing customization stores in China, but few designers are really engaged in "high-level" customization. Many high-level customization stores are presented in the form of studios. From the perspectives of customers'status, operation system, clothing price and company size, they prefer ordinary customization to high-level clothing. Customize. Designer Deng Zhaoping also believes that the current domestic high-level customization mainly focuses on clothing, and some clothing accessories matching clothing, such as shoes, handbags, accessories, accessories and so on, are seldom customized.

With people's pursuit of individualization, the huge market space of clothing customization is also increasingly emerging. Although it is uncertain how many people in China are currently engaged in clothing customization services in terms of clothing selection, it is undeniable that domestic high-end clothing customization has a huge market space.
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