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Clothing Production and Front-line Staff Requirements
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As a labor-intensive industry, apparel is obviously different from many other manufacturing industries in that it pays attention to human-machine cooperation and relies heavily on front-line employees, especially sewing workers. With the rising labor cost, the mobility and uncertainty of employees increase, which makes it difficult for the garment industry to form a relatively stable industrial workforce, and causes great production pressure to garment enterprises. Starting from this issue, we will continue to discuss issues related to employees.

I. Employee mobility

The mobility of front-line employees is a problem that troubles many apparel enterprises. The turnover rate of front-line employees in general industry is about 15%. According to our survey, the turnover rate of front-line employees in many apparel enterprises reaches more than 30%, or even as high as 50%. Such frequent turnover has a great impact on apparel production.

The employees of the post-80s or even the post-90s have become the front-line main body of garment enterprises. Their values and requirements for working atmosphere are quite different from those of the post-60s and post-70s. Studying their group characteristics to enable enterprises to better retain and educate people is the content that enterprises should seriously consider.

II. Job Requirements

Clothing production has experienced cutting, sewing, ironing and other links. The related processes are long and the job division is meticulous. Taking sewing workshop as an example, front-line personnel should have team leaders who are familiar with personnel management, process technology, equipment and quality, as well as process guidance, IE personnel, sewing workers, quality inspectors and mechanics. Different positions have different knowledge, ability and quality. Requirements: Even if the same position, such as sewing workers, will vary greatly according to the different sewing machines, the requirements of each position are meticulous and specific.

III. Employee Cooperation

Clothing production has a stringent cycle. Delivery on schedule requires close links between production preparation, production and post-finishing, as well as coordination between raw material supply and warehouse departments. Team quality and output are closely related to the software and hardware conditions such as the number of days on line, system and equipment. Taking the current enterprise's painful fund-raising as an example, close cooperation and good cooperation among employees at various positions are needed to keep the team in a proper efficiency when changing money. The following picture shows the production of women's trousers in a well-known women's trousers enterprise in September in Henan Province, based on better cooperation and staff training. To maintain the efficiency of the enterprise's exchange at a better level.

IV. Employee Skills and Assessment

The quality of key processes in garment production depends to a great extent on the skill and proficiency of employees themselves. Therefore, the evaluation of staff skills and the combination of assessment have become an important work of human resources management in many garment enterprises.
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