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Garment Processing Factory Undertakes Various Business Modes
Release time:2019-04-04   Source of the article:   

In today's fierce competition in the garment industry, garment processing factories undertake a variety of business methods, such as garment processing, garment label processing, garment drawing processing, garment sample processing, etc. At present, China's apparel enterprises can not fully love the independent design, production and processing, so the production cost is high and the risk is high. The mode of substitute processing production is generally accepted by garment processing factories.

No matter what kind of processing and production mode, garment enterprises need to make profits. Enterprises that do not aim at making profits are not enterprises and do not exist. If the enterprise only processes clothes, then it will earn processing fees; if it is the production of contracted materials, then the price of products will be relatively high.

Although China is a big garment producer with a long history and culture, the development of garment industry is still not perfect and there are many shortcomings. Some garment factories produce garment products that are not up to standard and will cause harm to human health. Clothing factories selector selectors are not many, they do not have the ability to produce independently, so most of them choose the way of processing on behalf of others.
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