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Do it in this way. Only garment processing factories can go up to a higher level
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Speaking of suggestions, first give the owner who wants to open a garment processing factory or is opening a processing factory. Old ancestors said that when doing things, we should consider "time, place, people" and agreed in twelve minutes. To start a factory, let alone say that others can do what I can do, this seems a bit blind. Xiaobian believes that the people's congresses meeting these two conditions can try:

First, there is sufficient supply of high-quality goods.

Take a small factory with about 30 people for example. For example, in a factory, one Director + two tailors + one big scald + one small scald + two checks + one package + one cooking and cleaning aunt. These people are basically indispensable. Their wages are fixed. In Hangzhou, at least 30,000 yuan a month is necessary, plus rent, electricity and water.

If your supply is good enough, even if there are at least 10 people doing it (I wondered why even the smallest factory has always had a few people doing the hard stuff, now I understand, because 65% of the teachers are doing it). Salute again! It also guarantees that the above money won't be lost. Congratulations, you may consider opening a factory. Because it won't be worse than that. Of course, please note that large factories do not mix up, and do not mix up those expecting the second half of the year to make up for the first half of the loss, because the second half of the year is also an unknown, how much the second half of the year earned will not be known until before New Year's Day. The landlord is conservative, standing in the position of not losing money for a year, giving you advice that you will make money.

Second, there are workers who follow the oath of death.

For example, even if you don't have a list for a month, these workers will follow you and won't run out. When you have a list, they will do their best to help you earn it without asking the price. This does not necessarily require loyalty, but it can also be something else, such as a boss who gives 50,000 workers a year. No matter how much he does or how little he does, he plays every day, no more than one point, no less than one point. Such a year, as long as the list is not incomparable, the calculation will never lose.

Suggestions for front-line workers

Let's talk about the front-line workers in the garment industry. Inside the system, the real "nine days above you become immortal", do and not do, serious and not serious, desperate and not desperate, earning very little difference, just different reputation. And the people outside the system are "I do ghosts under the nine springs". If I don't do anything one day, I don't get income one day. To exaggerate, I don't have food one day.

So I can understand why workers are so unstable. As we have said before, the workers are afraid that this batch of factories will not do well, and the next batch will not do well. They are afraid that they will not make money today, and they will not make money tomorrow. Therefore, it is reflected in picking and picking, which is not to do that.

Because they understand that when they can make money, they try their best to make more money. Nobody can guarantee what it will be like tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. And Xiaobian also realized why the workers asked before entering the factory whether they were processing or self-produced and self-sold, and they also wanted to find a relatively stable factory, making money every day.

Suggestions for Workers'Teachers

To be honest, the suggestions given to the workers and masters are not exactly one, two or three because the good and bad of the factories are uneven. The most feasible thing is that every teacher asks himself what his psychological salary is before he enters the factory. Let's give an example. For example, Xiaobian is a teacher, skilled, quick action, so in the first half of the year my psychological salary is an average of 280 yuan a day, in the second half of the year my psychological salary is an average of 320 yuan a day, after determining this psychological salary, I began to look for factories, look at the style, look for work price, if which factories can basically reach or close to my psychological salary in at least 10 days or more within the best half month, then We can enter the factory.

Why ten days and a half months? Teachers who have done this all know that one item needs to be familiar with for a day or two. If you change it one week, are you bored? However, the amount of money that can be achieved in one month is relatively small, and after half a month, the owner has to consider the next one, whether the next one is good or not, or whether to continue to do it can be basically decided. So this time limit seems reasonable and reliable.

Another suggestion, such as in a factory for 2 or 3 months, suddenly encountered a more difficult, earning is not particularly ideal, do you want to change factories? I think this should be more cautious. Because a factory, even if self-produced and self-sold, can not be easy to do each section, each section is simple, say so long, occasionally a section is not easy to do, you can insist on finishing this section, if the latter is not good, consider changing it too late. Generally speaking, if such a factory does not encounter a particularly serious misfortune, it means that the boss still has a way to find a good list, after all, 2 or 3 months is not short.

If you are not sure, you can also ask others, if many people have done it for half a year or more, you can consider doing it for a long time. The premise is that, on average, the monthly salary will not be much less than you expected.
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