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Differentiation of Garment Customization Model and the Most Prospective Customization Model
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Differentiation of Customization Model

With the progress of science and technology, the mode of clothing customization is also improving. The customization process of the traditional customization mode is basically completed in the customization shop. A series of work, such as selecting materials and testing clothes, are completed in the customization shop. The advantage of this model is that the customer experience is better and it is suitable for customers with time. The disadvantage is that there must be physical stores, and the cost is high. This model is what we call the store-based model. The living room mode mentioned above belongs to the variation of the store mode, and it is a low-cost mode.

The second is door-to-door mode. The dress consultant (or body measure engineer) will bring the sample fabric and body measure tools to the customer's needs and provide services to the customer at the designated location. This model is developed on the basis of the traditional model. Its advantages are convenience for customers, dispensability of physical stores and easy cost control.

The third is the Internet model. Internet customization is a new model, which is based on the development of science and technology. The main reasons that traditional customization is limited by region are that the volume, fabric selection and fitting can not be solved. The Internet model can be solved by dispatching a dress consultant or a stylist (drip mode) to the door, or by using mobile video self-help volume measurement (fabric samples can be express, without fitting links), or by training customers to hand self-help volume measurement. This mode is convenient, fast, time-saving, good privacy, low cost (can not have exhibition hall), not subject to geographical restrictions, but poor service experience, is not suitable for customers seeking experience.

The most promising customization model

Traditional clothing customization stores, from the purchase of fabric accessories to style design, garment processing, customer service, etc., the entire garment manufacturing industry chain has to solve itself, time-consuming, inefficient, difficult to control, many problems, high costs, and a single category, lack of standards, it is difficult to develop and grow. Obviously, OUT has become a serious problem, and will be replaced by "drip mode".

There are two core elements of the "drop mode" of clothing customization: customization platform and customization shop. The former is responsible for integrating high-quality product manufacturers to form product support for customization stores and orienting customers to customization stores, while the latter is responsible for providing sample display and services.

At present, there are only fashion DreamWorks in the domestic apparel customization sharing platform. Let's see how they implement the "drop-by-drop model".

First, Zhuangte Garment Customization Platform attracted a number of high-quality product processors to supply the platform. It is understood that in order to strictly control the quality, the Zhuangte Garment Customization Platform currently uses the self-management mode of Jingdong for reference in the product manufacturing side. All the cooperating processing factories are required to pass the ISO9000 international quality certification or the quality management certification of Fashion DreamWorkshop.

In order to help entrepreneurs, while absorbing existing clothing customization stores, Zhuangte apparel actively supports family customization stores known as "living room model", not only in product and passenger flow, but also in business skills and policy risk aversion.
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