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Customization of Clothes: Exquisite Life Attitude
Release time:2019-03-26   Source of the article:   
With the rapid development of economy and society, more and more people begin to pursue personalized and quality life. People's consumption concept has gradually transited from basic functional consumption to fashion consumption of following the trend and "buying expensive or not right" to pursuing personalized consumption suitable for themselves and different from others.

01. Why customize clothes?

Different individuals have different body characteristics, work characteristics and personal preferences, so even a simple shirt can not be generalized.

If you are a man working in a government office, you may need fine clothes without publicity.

If you're a business elite, you may need to dress more appropriately and skillfully.

If you are a mother with children, you may need more comfortable clothes...

According to a survey, only one tenth of the clothes in every wardrobe in China are satisfied with themselves and like to wear them regularly. It is very difficult to buy ready-made clothes to satisfy their personality, body, skin color and occupation. Now clothes have already become a mass export commodity on the assembly line, which can not meet the different needs of each individual.

Private fashion design not only fully displays individual self-awareness, but also makes ready-made clothes more suitable for personal customization, aiming at the characteristics of different consumers to achieve the effect of promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses to highlight personal temperament.

"Private customization" appears more and more frequently in life, and the services provided by privatization can not be enjoyed in shopping malls and online stores. Customized clothing is a customized product which is in the forefront of this fashion. It is not only a fashion trend, but also a delicate attitude towards life.

02. About Customization

Zhuangte Clothing is dedicated to personal customization of men's and women's clothes. It provides customization service of "measurement - confirmation style - trial - acceptance - after-sale", and strives to bring you a satisfactory customization experience.

Firstly, in the process of measuring body, the surveyor will communicate with you sufficiently, and fully meet the customer's requirements from the aspects of dressing habits to fitness, etc., and provide you with suggestions for reference from a professional point of view.

Volume measurement service is not only a simple data on the size sheet, but also a comprehensive weighting and consideration for each group of data. Designers need to have rich experience in dealing with clothing details and observing body features carefully. Only by devoting all their efforts and professional design experience can they make accurate judgments, thus obtaining accurate volume data and ensuring the conformity of customized clothing.

After measuring the body, after waiting for the initial production, the general outline of the garment has been formed, and the semi-finished garment can be tested. Through the effect of the fitting, customers can communicate with the designer further to modify the details, in order to achieve the most perfect results.

After fitting, you can wait for beautiful ready-made clothes. The process of communication - Measurement - fitting and delivery is not only a purchase experience, but also a process of your participation in a little sculpture.

Life needs exquisite feeling. If you want to express your pursuit of quality of life and pay attention to the ritual sense of life, you are welcome to consult us.
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