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Fastening the pace of garment processing factories and striving for the upper reaches
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In the past few years, because of the low price and good quality of Chinese clothing, many foreign manufacturers have focused their attention on China. They set up garment processing factories in China. They make use of China's cheap labor force and low cost. After completing their products, they can add a brand. Such clothing, for customers, is just because of that brand, because it represents the brand. It is a trustworthy enterprise.

Workwear customization in the current market, the society is also in accordance with the natural development law, that is, to adapt to the development of society. In this attempt, the first taste of success. This is the inevitable result of social development, garment processing enterprises also have to adapt to social changes, the pace of garment processing industry should be accelerated, blindly self-confident, not to learn from the latest development results of the outside world, is not the ultimate goal of an excellent garment processing enterprise leaders. This can be used for reference.

With the drastic increase of labor costs in China in recent years and the price increase of cotton last year, many garment enterprises'orders decreased dramatically last year. Especially some foreign multinational enterprises put their goal in Southeast Asia, which has been developing continuously in recent years. Especially last year, many enterprises in China's garment processing industry reduced their orders in large quantities, while in cotton. In the case of lower prices, the orders of Chinese garment processing enterprises have not been answered. However, market survey has found that some garment processing enterprises do not accept orders because they do not have enough labor force, that is, they can not complete their orders within the time limit. Some of them take orders first, and then buy raw materials, for fear that the prices of raw materials are too expensive, they buy them in a big way. This will lead to a shortage of capital chain.

Workwear customization saw this business opportunity and began a new way of production online shopping. Now, change the original mode of production, put sales on the Internet, and deliver products directly to customers by express delivery. With the circulation of the Internet, people can not live without computers, and online shopping is becoming popular. More and more garment processing enterprises see the future of online shopping. In this case, it is faster and more convenient to expand sales. More importantly, this method can let enterprises better know what kind of clothes customers like to buy, so as to make more clothes that people like.
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