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Choose the right beach pants and be a sunny man
Release time:2019-03-15   Source of the article:   

In summer, it must be necessary to go to the beach for surfing. Every summer, men can't wait to make an appointment with friends and colleagues to go to the beach for surfing and watching the sea. In addition to physical exercise, the style of beach trousers can not be ignored. Xiaobian recommends three popular styles of beach trousers for you this summer. You Sunshine Boys can refer to them.

Short-edition nylon beach pants that sporty men should like are the trend of beach wear in Europe and America this year, such as the nylon material and design of marathon pants, giving people a retro flavor. Following the trend of this year's ultra-short pants, the folding line on the side of the pants is rolled like athletes'shorts, which increases the sport and masculinity of men.

The sandpants of the suit trousers are made of the material of the clear sandpants, but they are tailored to fit. Some styles also have underbuttons and folds. The exquisite tailoring and unique design are just like the general style of the suit shorts. This style really suits the style of the men, and suits the men who don't like to be too casual.

Surfing beach pants have always been a favorite style of many men, moderate length and many colors of totem color block design, even if men do not like fancy at ordinary times, when they meet surfing beach pants, the choice will become bold. Surfing beach trousers give people a feeling of youthfulness and vitality.

Generally speaking, the popular patterns of surfing beach trousers include mosaic color block combinations or splicing of large striped color blocks, and of course, the necessary flower patterns for beach trousers. In addition, it is worth mentioning that beach pants have the trend of crossing short and fit, so in this year's choice of beach pants, don't be afraid to choose short and fit pants, so that you have a great fashion score on the beach.
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