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What is the future of joining in clothing customization?
Release time:2019-02-25   Source of the article:   

Customization has existed for a long time in the economic and social development. The difference is that today, the scope of customized products is expanding, and the people who choose this way are tending to be civilian. Small to teapots, jewelry boxes, photo albums, large to tourism products, watches, private cars and so on.

See some people in the know-how to ask: want to open a clothing customization shop, do not know how to customize clothing?

The answer is yes. In the future, clothing customization must be the development trend and Prospect of the clothing industry.

Garment customization industry has huge development space and unlimited potential. The data show that in 2016, the scale of China's private customized garment market is 10.22 billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 200 billion yuan by 2020.

With the development and growth of clothing customization industry, traditional stores need to spend a lot of money on rent, decoration and daily maintenance. Especially in the traditional high-end customization field, a dress of 10,000 yuan may cost 3,000 yuan. In addition, the operation of traditional customized stores is difficult to achieve large-scale, can only rely on stores to influence consumers nearby.

The "Internet +" can well meet the current demand for garment customization, based on the Internet customization platform, grafting traditional custom transformation successfully. Traditional garment industry mode decision-making and consumer demand information asymmetry, 

resulting in a large number of inventory, so the use of Internet technology to achieve customized production is the consensus of the industrial ecological chain, but also inevitable.

At present, the individualized demand of consumers is increasing day by day. People have high standards on whether the style is novel, whether the tailoring is reasonable, and whether the color is desirable. Especially, the mass customization of enterprise team clothing has formed a unique market. The increasingly complex demand has caught the traditional garment industry by surprise. The development of science and technology can not only meet the special needs of individuals, but also improve efficiency and achieve win-win situation between consumption and production, relying on the ability of collecting and analyzing large data. More importantly, clothing customization can achieve an ideal low price from production to consumers. How can we not let apparel practitioners and entrepreneurs be moved?

In the current consumption pattern, the consumption structure presents commodity consumption diversion, mass consumption diversion, official consumption throttling and high-end consumption outflow. Individualized and customized consumption will replace surfing consumption. "Customization" appears more and more frequently, and it is closer and closer to the life of ordinary people.
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