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Familiar with the production process of garment processing
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Familiar with the production process of garment processing

The survival way of networked development of apparel processing enterprises lies in customization, which guides consumers'needs and realizes online and offline synchronization. Faced with the problem of garment order information of garment processing enterprises, as a comprehensive portal website serving garment industry, China Garment Industry Network has created an industry precision garment processing order trading platform e order, e order, easy order, fast access to garment order information. The bonding machine has developed into two types: rolling and flat pressing, which can control time, pressure and temperature. It has become a new ironing tool matching with new sewing technology. For the ironing of semi-finished and finished products, steam ironing machines such as moulding, inflatable, multi-station rotary and clothes returning and drawing machines have been applied.

The garment industry has abundant source of raw materials, cheap labor resources and large garment production. As a typical labor-intensive industry, the price of labor force is one of the factors of production cost. It is by virtue of the unlimited supply of cheap labor force with little price elasticity that China's export industry has gained the invincible competitiveness. Avoid using brown paper containing phenol antioxidant, brown cardboard paper and plastic film to pack the finished products, which can easily lead to the yellowing of the working clothes fabric; the ventilation conditions in the storage area should be good to avoid mildew yellowing; less phenol derivatives should be used as additives in the treatment of working clothes fabric; avoid using plastic packaging working clothes fabric based on thermal shrinkage; avoid alkaline appearance of finished products after finishing. Sex to avoid yellowing of work clothes.
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