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Design Reference of Customization Template for Performing Clothing
Release time:2019-01-25   Source of the article:   

What should the team pay attention to when customizing costumes? What are the advantages of team customized costumes? What problems should we pay attention to in the template design of team customized costumes?

In order to let more performance teams know more about the customization of performance clothing, Zhuangte Xiaobian answered and described the difficult problems of customization design of campus art performance clothing.

Specification of costume customization: To customize classical costumes according to the requirements, the team should provide the designers with relevant artistic performance background, the height of the performers, the material and the uniform template of costume customization according to the size provided by the performers. This is an important part of costume customization for performances and an inevitable important part of the performance.

As for anthropometric data of performers, we should pay attention to several points:

Performing clothes have more occasions, using programs to judge whether performance clothes need to be loose and tight, such as: cheerleading performance clothes, need tight clothes, and high-intensity extended performance clothes, such clothes in the art performance has particularity, so the need for standard measurement data. Traditional dancing costumes need close-fitting measurement data in addition to the chest circumference of the actors, which has a very high professional requirement in costume customization.

So, what data do we need to test for costumes? According to the experience of performing costume design over the years, the parts that need to be measured are neck, shoulder width, chest circumference, arm length, waist circumference, buttock, leg length and so on, which are the main costume production data.

Measurements focus on measurement methods, such as neck measurement, do not need to be too tight, size needs to be more relaxed and more appropriate. Secondly, the shoulder needs the distance between the highest points between the two shoulders, so that the measured data are more accurate.

Performing clothes are made in a periodic proportion of processing time. For example, after the measurement data are completed, proofing design is needed. This process is complex, and it is a periodic test data. They consume a long time, need 2-3 days to complete the design and production of the model, follow-up work is faster, generally in 15-20 working days to complete the design and production of clothing, delivery to customers in the hands of about 3-5 days.

In order to enable more teams to benefit from clothing customization, our department arranges and publicizes the production process of performance clothing according to the company's arrangement, hoping to play a certain role in helping everyone.
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