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Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of Clothing Customization
Release time:2019-01-24   Source of the article:   

With the improvement and growth of the economic environment, more and more people choose clothing customization, so clothing customization factories and Internet online customization websites have sprung up. This is the test of the clothing customization industry, but also the upgrading of the clothing customization industry. Standing at the front of this industry, we must maintain our own advantages and development, in order to go further and further in the future development.

Customized clothing prices slowly moderate, many middle-class families can choose to customize, then what are its advantages and disadvantages?

I. Advantages of Customization of Clothing

1. Customized clothes fit well, show self-confidence in clothes, and personality design can make themselves different from others.

2. Personality selection can be designed according to its own characteristics and requirements.

3. Fabric, cutting, design and workmanship should be meticulous and meticulous to give you the best experience.

4. Modify the design several times until it fits well.

2. Disadvantages of Customization of Clothing

1. Customization cycle factory, you may buy a dress in only 10 minutes, but customization of a dress takes 3-5 days. Slow work makes fine work!

2. Testing many times, because it is customized clothes, customers need to test 2-3 times, change the design structure, so that customers wear more comfortable.

Above is probably the merits and demerits of clothing customization. Chihong clothing hopes to provide services to more customers, not only for performance, but also for the joy of farmer uncle when he sees the rich harvest of the banker.

Although the advantages and disadvantages of persuasion are obvious, but from other angles to think: a better clothes can more reflect your self-confidence and ability, why not wait a few days?
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