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Interpretation and Definition of Clothing Customizer
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With the development of garment customization industry, "precision and subdivision" is an obvious feature. The profession needs not only the specialized posts, such as the surveyor, the shopper, the image designer and so on, but also some comprehensive professional posts, such as the clothing customizer, the dress consultant, the tailor and so on.

What kind of professional position is "customizer" in clothing? Xiaobian interprets and defines the profession of "customizer" in clothing.

Garment industry enters the strange circle of "production-sale-backlog"

Traditional garment customization industry is a handicraft industry characterized by "tailor shop" handicraft technology. Industrialization promotes the process of garment industrialization, and traditional garment customization industry is marginalized. With the development of electric power and automation, standardization and ready-to-wear make the garment industry expand rapidly, and form the largest scale in the world in our country. However, the gap between the precise demand of production and actual consumption is widening, which leads the garment industry to enter the strange circle of "production-sale-backlog".

Customizer is not a simple return of traditional tailor shop

The transformation and upgrading of garment industry will reduce production capacity, promote the revival and development of garment customization industry, and solve the problem of industrial development outlet. However, modern clothing customization is not a simple return to the traditional "tailor shop", because industrialization, information technology, the Internet has changed people's habits of clothing consumption, clothing customization industry must also keep pace with the times.

Customizers are neither designers nor printmakers

The core of the development of garment customization industry is to meet the customer's customization consumption demand. However, the majority of consumers still lack a correct understanding of the significance, purpose, function, process, quality and price of garment customization, which is a major problem affecting the rapid development of garment customization industry. Customers of clothing customization need professional guidance, consultation and service provided by professionals who are familiar with modern clothing customization industry. Such a professional is neither a specific fashion designer, nor a fashion printmaker, nor an ordinary fashion business person, nor a guide and a metrologist in clothing stores, but a composite professional with comprehensive knowledge and ability of clothing customization services, technology and marketing.

Combining with the reality of the garment customization industry, the concept of "garment customizer" is put forward on the basis of the "training project of entrepreneurship tutor qualification and application engineer" of the Ministry of Education, and the "training course of garment customizer qualification" is developed. After approval, the training of clothing customizer qualification will be carried out.

"Garment Customizer" is equivalent to "Engineer" in the industrial field

"Customizer" is first of all a new comprehensive professional post qualification in the garment customization industry, which should be equivalent to "engineer" in the industrial field. In the world, the position of fashion customizer is higher than that of general fashion designer.

Definition of clothing customizer: It has a certain comprehensive knowledge and ability of clothing specialty, and can provide tailor-made customers with professional service posts of body measurement technology service, image design, dress matching guidance and clothing customization business consultation and docking.

Obtaining the post qualification of "clothing customizer" can not only be competent for the position of integration of guide, measure and dress consultant, but also be competent for the position of guide, measure, dress consultant, custom consultant and marketing management in the field of clothing customization.
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