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A Brief Introduction to the Transition of Garment Processing Enterprises
Release time:2019-01-23   Source of the article:   

     In recent years, the mechanization and automation of the world's garment industry have developed rapidly. Specialized computer-controlled equipment has greatly improved the garment industry's production technology and technology. The introduction and use of advanced apparel equipment has also made China's apparel production rapidly approach the international advanced level, which has undergone tremendous changes. At present, in the garment processing process, the cutting process has become the production link with the highest technology content and the most application of high and new technology. China's garment industry has a huge scale. Statistics show that China's garment industry has many world first, processing capacity first, production capacity first, export volume first, export volume first. In the process of garment processing, the use of steam ironing is an indispensable process of garment processing. With the constant refreshment of fuel oil and coal prices, energy costs have become an important part of the cost of production in the domestic apparel industry, which is dominated by small profits and more sales.

   With the continuous improvement of our country's export garment grade, the quality of products will continue to improve. Enterprises require higher and higher energy consumption of steam system and reliability and stability of equipment. Processing plants are transformed into electronic commerce supply platform. The most important thing is to change the mode. Without increasing equipment, some enterprises have changed the production line, which has been achieved by some enterprises. Steam control and energy-saving experts and apparel enterprises will be more closely linked, and cooperation will be more and more extensive. With the continuous progress of technology in China's apparel industry, the application of computer-aided production management system in apparel production process has entered a new stage. The application of innovative technology can also improve the production efficiency of factories and adapt to the production needs of many varieties and small batches more quickly.
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