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Customized clothing, these are the common sense you should know!
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     Enterprises can strengthen their employees'spiritual outlook and improve their internal culture by customizing their clothes. For example, Huawei and Baidu in our country, they will customize clothes for employees to enhance their spiritual outlook and team consciousness. In fact, many enterprises are very keen on this, which can not only strengthen the cohesion within the enterprise, but also have a positive impact on the brand of the enterprise.

     In addition, enterprises can also improve the external image of employees through customization of clothing. I think most people think of IT technology men as Plaid shirts, beach pants, slippers? But through uniform costume customization, we can see what kind of image Apple's IT technology men are like! 

     In fact, compared with the same type of enterprises, if a company's employees wear corporate culture shirts uniformly, and one does not wear corporate culture shirts, then as an outsider of the company, which company will be more impressed by the two companies? If an outside company that intends to cooperate sees the two companies, which company do you think is more reliable and professional? If an enterprise pays so much attention to the cultivation and construction of its internal culture, it can be imagined that they will not be inferior in their professional fields.

    So how should the clothing customization of enterprises be carried out? As far as the current situation is concerned, clothing customization can not be taken away as we buy clothes in the exclusive stores. So in the process of clothing customization, what basic knowledge should be clarified to customize clothes to our satisfaction?

    First, if you buy ready-made clothes on the market, there will inevitably be a lack of this number, the lack of that number. In addition, when the number of employees reaches a certain level, there will be a variety of differences in the body shape of employees, so it is impossible to buy all-in-one code when customizing clothes. But when T-agency customizes clothes, it can get rid of this trouble. T-agency customizes clothes according to the size of the Asian body. At the same time, users can choose underclothes to customize clothes first, which really solves the problem of the incomplete number when enterprises customize clothes.

    Secondly, when enterprises customize clothing, clothing customization needs to choose the color and fabric shape of clothing customization according to the company's image in combination with the company's product characteristics and industry fields. Just like the enterprise logo should choose dark underclothes when it takes light color as the main tone, T Society, as the domestic high-quality clothing customization platform, not only has a variety of underclothes styles, but also has a variety of color fabrics to choose from. Make clothing customization look more high-end after careful selection.

    Third, the final enterprise's clothing customization is basically done every year, so when making clothing customization, we must consider the convenience of filling orders, and measure the possibility of out-of-stock or style and color pairs after the clothing customization. And in T agency, the customer's repurchase rate is over 90%, so the terrible data is the best affirmation of our customers.
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