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Clothing customization needs perfect design and matching!
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Clothing customization is the same for both men's and women's work clothes, which need to be carefully selected. Clothing wholesale is not how novel style, but the office environment, what kind of occasion, when, what kind of feeling is most helpful, which has become an art topic. So it often causes a lot of trouble for men. It is said that men's work clothes are eternal classics, but when the real thing comes, there will still be many problems. Therefore, men should observe more, which can be followed by the law, as long as master this law, with work clothes will no longer be confused.

First of all, overlength or too short overalls are always inelegant; the appropriate length of overalls is that the tip of overalls just touches the belt buckle, no more or no less. There are many kinds and lengths of overalls. Better overalls tend to be longer. The standard length is 55 or 56 inches. The appropriate length of work clothes depends entirely on height and the method of making work clothes.

Clothing customization chooses many patterns and colors. The most common and practical style is the uniform without pattern or pattern, that is, monochrome uniform. A monochrome overalls can be matched with any style of overalls or overalls. Whether it is with flower overalls or plaid, or dark wide straight stripes of all kinds of overalls, are excellent; even sometimes, some overalls or overalls, can only be matched with monochrome overalls.

Workwear with balanced sizes is also very common. Like monochrome work clothes, it is widely used and well matched with clothes. The background color of this kind of work clothes is the main color. Should choose and work clothes with the same color system or contrast color system, work clothes on the dot, reticulation or slash color should choose the same color as work clothes.

Silk is the best material for clothing customization. Although the color is bright, it is not dazzling. The use of white pigeon clothing is almost free from time, ground and people's restrictions. There are silk-like polyester or polyester and silk mixture. It is stiffer than silk overalls. It also has the gorgeous feeling of silk overalls. It is cheaper and durable than the former. The rayon work clothes are gorgeous in appearance in the new time. They are easily deformed after several times of use and can be discarded in a period of time.

If you want to know more about clothing customization, please continue to pay attention to us!
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