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How to Get Out of the Mistaken Ordering Zone for Clothing Distributors
Release time:2019-01-19   Source of the article:   

For apparel dealers, they all want to make the biggest profits at the lowest cost, so the concept of "explosion" came into being. The so-called explosive money, that is, the goods sold out, especially in today's fashionable era, some clothing products because they have some popular elements in line with popular aesthetic taste, and have a sales performance beyond other goods. And many distributors most want to order the explosion, or deliberately pursue the explosion, then whether the explosion must bring high profits and high performance of shop sales?

In fact, for franchise or agent brand dealers, the explosion often exposes problems rather than high performance. Because when one item is sold out, other items will inevitably produce a large amount of inventory during the same period, which will be unsalable. There are two problems behind the pursuit of explosives: 1. It shows that you are in a betting business, and your prediction of the market is fundamentally a bet, because explosives need actual sales to prove, and no one knows which one will sell explosively when ordering.

Therefore, you bet right, will sell explosively, if the bet is wrong, the rest will be a large number of unsalable goods; 2, it shows that your order is seriously inadequate, because you do not know what the market demand is, for example, a certain product, the market demand is 5000, you only ordered 4000, will naturally sell explosively. This reflects the unplanned nature of your order.

Therefore, dealers should not deliberately pursue excessive funds, so what should they pursue? The answer is reasonable digestibility. As mentioned earlier, the digestibility of commodities = the quantity of sales and the quantity of purchases. Generally speaking, it is reasonable to control this figure at about 85%. Too high means that the quantity of goods ordered is insufficient, and too low means that the quantity ordered is excessive. So, if a product sells well, the digestion rate reaches 95%. What we need to do is to analyze its characteristics, to increase the order next year, and to consider similar styles. By analyzing the data, we can gradually increase the quantity. Generally speaking, the order quantity of this style can be adjusted to a reasonable state in two to three years.

In terminal stores, goods are the absolute protagonist and the core of operation. If the goods are not ordered well, no matter how excellent the shopping guide and the beautiful shopping environment are, it will not help. And ordering goods is equal to selling half, so clothing distributors, franchisees and agents must pay attention to the order meeting, and learn to use scientific data analysis, so as to get out of the wrong area of the order! 
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