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Work flow of foreign trade clothing merchandisers?
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The work flow of foreign trade clothing merchandisers is expected to help you understand this industry and work in the future.

1. Preliminary sample operation 

1. After receiving the original sample, sample, process book and other information, you should analyze the sewing of this section and the points of attention in order operation, confirm the method of measuring and sizing each part, and arrange the use of the main and auxiliary materials of each color.

2. Make confirmation samples according to the sample/template/process size provided by customers. The specifications of confirmation samples are generally medium size. There are also customers who want the smallest size.

3. In the process of making samples, if there is any discrepancy in size or where there is a need for modification of the sewing method in the process of sewing, the salesman should be notified in writing in order to confirm to the customer at the earliest time, so as to avoid delaying production in the process of later large goods operation.

4. Make samples and order samples with trademarks, which can be substituted, confirm the location and method of the subscriber's trademark and water-washing mark.

5. Written record of the problems found in the process of sample preparation so as to inform the factory at the time of formal commissioning and make preparations in advance.

II. Specific Operation of Bulk Goods

1. Organize the first production plan.

2. Measure the shrinkage of fabrics with each color. On this basis, confirm the shrinkage correction template contained in the template. Make the commissioning sample. If the size of each part is suitable, modify the template of each specification used for bulk cargo.

3. After confirming the quality/color of fabrics/threads, the knitted fabrics need to confirm whether the unit consumption exceeds the requirements. Knitted fabrics need to confirm whether the color of fabrics is different from that of ribs. Confirm the condition of accessory materials arriving at the factory.

4. If the fabric arrives at the factory only partially or in batches, it must be tailored according to the specifications and proportions in order to avoid the inconsistent color in a box when packing.

5. Make sure that the cutting piece is in conformity with the size of the sample. If the cutting piece is smaller than the sample, it means that the pulling cloth is too tight. Supervise the factory to adjust in time, and notify the salesman of the increase in the number of cutting pieces in time so as to confirm to the customers.

6. Organize the second production plan.

7. After the large cargo is put into production, the ship samples should be made in time according to the customer's requirements, and the size/style/workmanship should be correct. The ship samples should be hung with a large cargo hanging tag.

8. Confirm the size of the packages in time after the large goods are put into production, and order the packages and cartons according to the quality required by customers. When the packages arrive at the factory, they should confirm the printing errors in time, and whether the size and specifications of the packages after packing are appropriate. If not, they should be revised or re-customized as soon as possible.

9. Packing details should be checked and sent to the factory after implementation. Packing methods should be confirmed repeatedly at the beginning/middle/end, and strictly followed the process instructions. Claims from customers are common because of problems in packing.

10. Documentary personnel should confirm the tail box again before shipment. Whether the filling marks on both sides are exactly the same, and whether the packing quantity is in conformity with the actual goods.

III. Readiness for Depot

1. The inspection report should clearly point out the problems arising from this order, which requires the signature of the person in charge of the factory to deliver the goods.

2. Packing details should be correctly written.

IV. Other Aspects

1. The problem in order operation should be promptly reflected to the company by the merchandiser. Every day, the merchandiser should write a business report, including the situation of the factory on board/the production team/the number of people on board/the number of people on board every day. The quantity/quality of disembarkation/whether the delivery date is acceptable, etc.

2. After the completion of each batch of orders or the operation of orders for a period of time, the problem points and the future direction of work are sorted out to reflect the situation of the factory to the company.
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