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Representation Processing Skills of Clothing
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Clothing processing and production is the last link in the whole process of juice design and the key to the success of clothing design works. The skill and beauty of clothing is embodied in the skills of the whole process.

Firstly, in anthropometry, it is necessary to measure data accurately so as to obtain reliable basis for me. Due to the different growth and development conditions of each person or all kinds of people, it is the first condition to solve the problem of clothing fit by "measuring body and clothing" and it is also the first step to express the beauty of clothing skills. Comparing the measured human body data with the standard data, we will find some defects and shortcomings. When designing the structure, we will increase or decrease the size to make the clothes fit the wearer.

Second: Cutting is based on the measured size. According to the clothing style effect map, the front, back, sleeve, collar, pocket of the clothes are cut out layer by layer, and then sewed. When drawing, the scattered cutting pieces will be formed into suture shape through edge-copying, lining, back-drawing and ironing, thus completing the whole process of technological processing. In the process of making clothes, it is necessary to ironing them while making them so as to achieve a smooth and smooth appearance. The stereoscopic effect of the finished garment can be more perfect by using the back-allocation technology.

Thirdly, all needle and thread sizes of sewing clothes should be in line with the clothing materials, and the upper and lower thread should be tightened to adapt, so that no wrinkles or deformations will occur after the clothing is formed. Needle size should be fine and even, open line should be horizontal and vertical, arc should be smooth. The shrinkage rate and high temperature resistance of clothing should be mastered. Attention should be paid to arranging the matching and checking of pattern and color materials, as well as to the reversing paternity of corduroy and golden velvet fabrics. The skill of serving strong is perfect in it.

With the rapid development of science and technology and the rapid development of art technology, especially the emergence of electronic industry, the future of garment industry is brighter. Computer garment design, computer pattern storage, color matching, automatic volume layout and computer embroidery will make the garment technology more perfect.
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