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Customization is the trend in the future. Do you agree?
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Customization of clothing - today I would like to talk with you about some skills and methods of community marketing in customization industry. In fact, the future era must be customization era. Like 2025 made in China, it must be flexible production, less than 2025. Even now, customized wine, customized water, customized tea, clothing customization, this trend has been very obvious.

For example, if you customize a bottle of water, it may be 10 pieces, the cost of 10 pieces of water may also be 3400 yuan, a few hundred bottles of water, a bottle of water with our company logo, that feeling and effect is completely different, including customized wine for my marriage, Baiyunbian in Wuhan, the overall feeling is different, because it has exclusive meaning, right?

First of all, I need to customize a suit of clothes myself, so I went to my friend to customize a suit of clothes. He studied the customization of this piece of clothes for 20 years. Through him, I also learned a lot of knowledge about clothing customization. Through simple phenomena and simple signs, I can judge whether your clothes are customized or not. For example, the first button on the sleeve can be opened, No. Customization is generally inseparable, the second is that there is a suit refuting eye is customized, not generally finished, of course, this customization is also complex, there is a piece of fabric, what wool ah, type!

Why is customization very suitable for community marketing? Because customization itself will stimulate the desire of others to expose their circle of friends, stimulate the desire of others to promote through the circle of friends, through the community, whether it is customized water or wine, tea, or clothing, it sells a sense of identity, more is a sense of quality.

How to do that? We must organize, even stimulate and integrate the customer's initiative to sun things. For example, clothing customization, there may be a boss who does not want you to advertise him, but there are special willingness, such as me, I would particularly like others to take me as a successful case, because I am a person who likes to sun, especially me. Also like writing, as a business, I do clothing customization here, I write, as a business, you have similar customers around you, you can give him a writing interest, that is, you do an activity, where we customize in the circle of friends, or I take as a success case, writing articles, soliciting essays, we send one. Put-on shirts, or we give you a 50% discount to customize a suit of clothes, the feeling is different, the effect of word transmission is very good.

In addition, in fact, different ways of customizing it are different, customizing water, wine, tea, and clothing customization ideas are not the same, but you remember, people are upgrading in consumption, consumption of middle class flowers, future customization must be a trend, about the customization of this piece, I personally think, especially clothing customization must be. There must be a culture, otherwise it can't support the price, especially if you don't have some so-called customer relationship, it's very difficult to support.

In my opinion, only stories, brand stories, and you have to spread them through users. For example, users of my age will surely attract people of the same age, income level and ideas. They can also attract people in their thirties and forties. People of all ages, they may not like me to promote this way, but we must design well, how to let them spontaneously to help you publicize, help you to promote, they also have the desire to sun, this is about customizing this piece, customizing this piece I temporarily share so much, that is, customizing the overall vi, image, marketing, store design must be very good. Otherwise, others buy a sense of identity. If your decoration does not match his sense of identity, he may have doubts, including logo. I found that logo design is too low in many custom stores, including the name is a little low, which needs to be considered.
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