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Downwear manufacturer tells you the commonly used down fabrics
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     The feather clothes are characterized by three-proof, water-proof, leak-proof and static-proof. Correspondingly, it is required that the fabric of down jacket has the characteristics of three defenses. What kinds of down clothing are commonly used? Let down garment manufacturers tell you.

     Commonly used down clothing fabrics are divided into two categories, one is polyester, also known as polyester fiber; the other is nylon, also known as nylon. Below is a brief description of the characteristics and advantages of the two kinds of down clothes in common use.

     1. Polyester - Polyester Fiber (POLYESTER) has good air permeability and moisture removal. It also has strong acid and alkali resistance and ultraviolet resistance. For example, 290T, 300T, 400T are polyester, the fabric appearance is darker than nylon, more upright. Suitable for making 4-layer down jacket, the down jacket made is more upright, suitable for outdoor down jacket and outdoor clothing with strong wind resistance.

     2. Nylon. The advantages are high strength, high wear resistance, high chemical resistance, good deformation resistance and aging resistance. PerTEX, CORDURA is more famous. For example, 70D, 210D, 420D, 840D are all nylon materials, the gloss of the fabric is brighter, the feel is slippery. Nylon is suitable for making light down clothes with soft handle, which are popular nowadays. It adopts two-layer method to make down clothes feel soft, at the same time, it is feather-proof and portable.
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