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Down clothing wholesale understanding of
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Down clothing wholesale need to understand: "feather" in the feather, there is a long axis, called "feather axis", and "feather axis" on both sides of two rows of hard "feather branches" called feathers. The main function of "feathers" is to stir up air in the flight of birds, to help them fly and to support their bodies in the high air.

"Down" is a feather in which there is no "feather axis". It consists of many slender and soft filaments irregularly gathered at a central point and connected to the body of birds. When the filaments at each central point disperse in the air, they resemble flowers, so they are called "velvets". The main function of "velvets" is to keep the body temperature of birds.

At present, most of the "velvets" used by human beings are collected from waterfowls, such as ducks and geese. In terms of volume, the "velvets" are larger and the price is higher. The main reason is that the cost of raising geese is higher. As far as warmth is concerned, there is basically no difference between duck down and goose down. Because "velvet" itself cannot produce heat energy. The degree of warmth retention of clothing mainly depends on the following factors:

1. The fluffy degree of "velvet" itself directly affects the amount of static air that can be wrapped around the best insulating object.

2. The quantity of "wool" contained in the finished product.

3. Garment design, which includes the cloth, style and clothing structure.
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