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The intrinsic charm of Dance Costume
Release time:2018-12-29   Source of the article:   

    Everyone knows that dance costumes are not only the clothes worn in dancing performances, but also an important part of the image-building of dancers. Different dance costumes can highlight different dancing personalities and enhance the artistic appeal of dancers'external images. So how to choose dance costumes can highlight the charm of dance itself, and then follow the choreographer to see...

    First of all, choosing the fabric of dance costume, the dancer should consider the gloss and texture of the fabric itself, whether it can show the splendor and gorgeousness of the costume under the stage lighting, at the same time, the design and application of Dance Costume adopts the style of virtual and real, thin and thick, so that the dance costume can create its own charm invisibly.

    In addition, in the customized format design of dance costumes, the dancers are endowed with beautiful body shape without breaking away from the characteristics of fashion trend of life costumes, which makes the dance costumes more gorgeous and vulgar, low-key and connotative under the stage lighting.

    Dance is a kind of dance form with large amplitude and fast speed. Dance moves lead to the swing of dance dress skirt, which makes dance dress more dynamic aesthetic.
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