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The Art and Body of Ethnic Minority Dance Garments
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    Ethnic minority dance costumes originate from people's daily life. Although each ethnic minority dance is different, the ethnic dance costumes of each ethnic group reflect their national psychology, aesthetic taste, customs, living environment, economic basis and other cultural phenomena through dance. China is a country with a long history and many nationalities. The national dance costumes are especially rich and colorful. For example: Tibetan dance costume, Mongolian dance costume, Xinjiang dance costume, Dai dance costume and so on.

    Because of different natural environment, living style, religious beliefs, living customs and aesthetic psychology, ethnic minority dance costumes not only contain the daily style of ethnic costumes, but also gather the essence of ethnic costumes. Therefore, they have the most intuitive national image characteristics, artistic and physical form of ethnic costumes. Change. For example, the "Sainem" dance of Xinjiang dance is widely spread in Uygur people. There are no prescribed movements and procedures for the dance accompanied by Sainem music. Generally, men and women dance in pairs, the number of people is not limited, singers do not dance while dancing, dancers do not sing, with the development of music emotions, and finally always end in a passionate Allegro.

    The Artistry of Ethnic Minority Dance Garments

    National costume meets the high demand of creating national dance. Like the natural Tibetan dress, its style and color, all have visual impact and pleasure. Its style is brand-new, bright, suitable fabrics, beautiful matching, concise decoration, fresh vision and fashion elements are absorbed in the design. It is the highest realm of National Dance Dress deliberately pursuing artistic effect.

    The Formalization of Ethnic Minority Dance Garments

     Dance art is to maximize the performance potential of human movements. As the basis of national dance design, the National Dance Costume must also embody the characteristics of the National Dance Costume because of the daily style of the national costume. Therefore, the National Dance Costume must have the characteristics of heavy headwear and accessories, complex patterns, loose and plump styles.

     Ethnic dance costume is a combination of national characteristics of modelling and painting.
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