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How to Improve the Quality of Clothing Products in Clothing Processing
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In apparel export enterprises, exporters look for the quality of production and export as the first demand quality pricing price of apparel buyers. The hardest thing is the quality of the product and the time it takes to produce it. It is still very important to improve the quality of products, satisfy customers, control production costs and save energy.
Improving product quality is generally not difficult, but requires careful and sustained attention, it requires commitment, everyone in the manufacturing company, from who cleans the floor to the top manager.
Specific steps to improve quality include:
1. The importance of communication quality, the role of each worker, the realization and maintenance of correct quality and expected performance
2. Keep clean and dry places, including storage rooms and shipping areas
3. Choosing and utilizing appropriate equipment for each cutting and assembly step
4. Providing appropriate tools and training for workers, and communication quality management performance expectations
5. Planning and carrying out planned maintenance
6. Establish agreed quality standards with all fabrics and find suppliers before purchasing, including procedures for refusing to return substandard products
7. All incoming fabrics include 100% inspection, at least:
Visual inspection runs within a backlight inspection framework to determine fabric defects such as holes, tears, stains, stop marks, width changes, and more realistic width and length of reported dimensions per roll, by trained inspectors.
Tone check, and agreed (or buyer's levy) shading tolerance in five light boxes
8. Refusal to return all fabrics does not meet agreed quality standards
9. 100% inspection value-added process is like printing, embroidery machine, embroidery and other defect-free board or components should be sent to the General Assembly. Corrective action after defective parts are accepted.
10. Cutting quality is the most important second zone. Check the original pattern, depth change, fabrics related defects and so on.
11. Overall inspection of work process and finished garments includes compliance with specifications and sizes and defects related to stitching, such as needles, open seams, seams, jump seams, variable collection, etc.
12. Recording defects in garment production, sources (fabrics, cutting, or assembly), types, and operators
13. Analysis of defect data to determine the quality of the source
Corrective measures:
Replacement - Replacement of underperforming suppliers, equipment,
Repair - Repair the equipment that the system is not working properly.
Retraining - Unperforming Workers
Reward - Reward high performers
Implementing several steps will lead to quality improvement, but every additional proposal put into practice will produce a significant improvement in product quality.
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