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What are garment fabrics and accessories?
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    The clothes we wear every day are processed from the most basic fabrics of clothing, and the carving of accessories makes it more perfect and perfect. Today we will know the basic knowledge of clothing, what is the clothing fabric and accessories.

    What are clothing fabrics and accessories?

    When choosing clothes, besides style, the most important thing is to see if the material is good, the better the material, the more comfortable the feeling is. So when choosing clothes, clothing material is also very important. So what is clothing material and accessories?

    Clothing materials, literally speaking, refer to the materials of clothes we usually wear, such as cotton fabrics, satin, silk, wool and so on. But if we study them carefully, it also includes various accessories, that is, various auxiliary materials and decorations in clothing production, such as zippers, buttons, and so on. Decorative diamonds, decals and so on belong to the accessories of clothing, and good clothing design is bound to have the appropriate accessories, or even if your style design is more prominent, without the corresponding accessories to embellish, it will still not show good results.

   With the development of science and technology, clothing materials are becoming more and more advanced and environmentally friendly. Not only cotton, silk, wool and other natural fibers are used, but also chemical fibers which are not found in nature are synthesized and woven into various fabrics with excellent properties. But for fashion designers, everything around us can be clothing fabrics, plastic, paper, wood, iron sheets, even condoms, as long as you can imagine everything the designer moves to the T stage.

   When choosing clothing, besides style, the most important thing is to see if its material is good. Generally speaking, we should look at the moisture absorption, heat preservation, elasticity and strength, air permeability and softness of clothing materials. Good clothing materials have certain effects on people's physiology and psychology. The better the material is. It makes people feel more comfortable, so when choosing clothes, clothing materials are also very important.
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