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Summarize several modes of garment processing
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Generally speaking, apparel is definitely not a profitable industry. Looking at the profitability is very large, but most of them are gross profit, net profit is not necessarily very high. The key to the profit of garment processing industry lies in the enterprise itself. If you can make enough premiums, or if civilian goods are sold well enough, the garment industry is still a stable and profitable industry.

Clothing sales tend to be seasonal at the retail level, with most of the revenue booked during the holidays back to school. Garment processing market analysts review the total sales from this year to this year to determine trends. It is worth mentioning that they focus on "comparable store sales", which indicates that the year at the beginning of the year is a year or more.

Sales per square foot is another important indicator of how effectively retailers use ground space. The garment industry is highly decentralized and competitive. There are some major players, but there are countless niche stores and private companies catering to specific groups of people. Too many, ordinary businessmen and foreign companies bring more competitive industries.

In recent years, many large brands at home and abroad have been exposed by the media clothing material sampling inspection unqualified, the butterfly effect pulled out many domestic clothing processing enterprise's drawbacks. Nowadays, people are not only satisfied with the function of shame and warmth, but also pay more attention to the comfort of materials and fashion design.

Quality is the way for an enterprise to develop and survive. The choice of fabrics is the first pass to check whether a garment manufacturer is qualified or not. Traditional garment processing enterprises have used the Internet as a platform for transformation and upgrading. Since 2011, local product brands have been planning to build an e-commerce platform.
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