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What styles do garment factories recommend Hotel overalls?
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What styles do garment factories recommend Hotel overalls? Food is the most important thing for the people. When it comes to hotels, they are not unfamiliar. Hotel attendant's work clothes are all kinds of, of course, there are many hotel work clothes also look very chic! uuuuuuuuuu Then follow the garment factory to see what style the hotel overalls actually have? And how to classify it?
The hotel's work clothes are actually divided into many categories according to the department. What kind of work clothes should hotel attendants and all positions in the hotel wear? Below is the clothing processing plant for you to specifically introduce the types of hotel service staff uniforms, how to select hotel service staff uniforms?
A. Front Office Part of Hotel Service Staff's Workwear:
I. Welcome attendants and doorman: They are characterized by obvious etiquette signs, which should embody solemn, enthusiastic and generous demeanor. The colours are red, white, black, gold or red-black contrast. Styles are usually borrowed from military uniforms of honor guards of various countries. Additionally, the necessary dress matching should not only show the beauty of the guests'dress, but also show the level of the hotel.
II. Front desk clerk and cashier: Front desk clerk and cashier are one of the most important windows of the hotel and the central link of hotel operation and service. The fashion design of the front desk is on the premise of generosity, fashion and simplicity, but it also needs to be solemn, steady and rigorous. In addition to style and color, we should also pay attention to the texture of clothes, so most of them are based on suits or variant suits. Orderly accessories, not fancy, elegant and bright color, mostly dark tones.
III. Assistant Manager in Lobby: Usually black suit jacket with black and white zebra stripes and pants. Suit fabrics are usually made of domestic wool.
B. Hotel Service Staff Workwear and Catering Department:
I. Chinese food: Chinese restaurants are mostly based on cheongsam, supplemented by various ethnic costumes, and flexibly apply various design elements according to the orientation and style of the restaurant. The design of cheongsam is simple and beautiful, with clear and elegant lines. Cheongsam can be divided into Chinese food consultants, Chinese food waiters, Chinese food passers-on and Chinese food foreman, ministers and so on.
Guests and receptionists for Chinese food: The main design is long cheongsam, which can be long sleeve, short sleeve, seven-minute sleeve or sleeveless. The main characteristics of clothing are solemn, graceful and generous, reflecting the unique charm and aesthetic feeling of Oriental women, and taking bright colors. Fabrics are mainly made of golden velvet and satin.
(2) Chinese food waiter: Most of the waiters wear chicken fairy clothes, short-style cheongsam, sleeves and hems are more suitable for service needs. The main fabric is uniform cloth.
(3) Chinese messenger: The messenger's clothes should correspond with the waiter's clothes, usually on the basis of the waiter's clothes with aprons. Most of them are simple cheongsam with clear lines and concise shapes, which not only embodies the characteristics of cheongsam, but also facilitates service operation. They usually need to wear scarves and cloth is mainly uniform.
(4) Chief and Minister of Chinese Food: Most of them are based on suit suits or variant suits (Chinese suits or Western suits), with laces or accessories of the same color as Chinese waiters or messengers. Dark colors correspond to the waiters, reflecting the overall uniformity of department dress. Fabrics are mainly made of domestic wool or uniforms.
II. Western food: Western food is divided into Western food consultants, Western food waiters, Western food leaders and other posts.
Western food guests and welcoming guests: mostly young ladies, usually wearing long black skirts, short Western-style jackets, white shirts, waist seals and ties, the color is mainly red, white and black.
Western food waiter: The waiter usually wears a Western vest or a short suit with a white single-collar shirt inside. With black, red and white ties (flowers), the color should be the same as that of clients.
(3) Ministers and foremen: mostly black, white, green collar, gun barge, single button or double row button black dress, wearing white shirt and tie, with corresponding waist seal.
C. Hospitality Service Department
The Housekeeping Department includes floor foreman (attendant) and public area foreman (cleaner). The characteristics of room attendants'clothes must be adapted to a series of operations, such as cleaning rooms, so as to facilitate movement, and strive to be concise, generous, loose and clean in color. The fabrics are mainly blue and coffee uniforms.

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