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Garment Processing and Manufacturing Technology Based on Garment Processing Knowledge
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Garment Manufacturing Technology (GMT), also known as Garment Production and Garment Production, is well known, and has attracted the attention of the fashion industry in India and abroad. Detailed information on garment production technology learned in this major course, such as garment production under various processes, garment production systems, machines and equipment, the most advanced technology, knowledge, from fiber to fashion. People always like GMTan because from NIFT its course content and depth of knowledge, students are learning and practicing in their research.

With other manufacturing industries, garment manufacturing industry still lags behind the company's infrastructure, technology level, production system, management policy and other changes, in the garment industry more qualified professional placement in the management factory. Provides logically sound and technical strength for people, fashion institutions to establish corresponding students. To become an excellent garment manufacturing major, one should have the following knowledge and experience areas, he or she goes to work.
Textile Basic Knowledge (Fibre, Fabric, Fabric Deep Processing and Finishing), Textile Testing
- pattern making, sampling procedures.
- Sewing Machinery (Cutting, Sewing and Finishing Machinery and Equipment)
Advantages and disadvantages of sewing production systems and various types of production systems
Clothing production process (from design clothing sales to retail stores)
- Analysis of other knowledge pooling processes, such as printing, embroidery and dyeing
- Productivity, quality and humane management
- Production Planning and Control
- Use IT in garment industry
- Initial small industrial engineering and later in-depth understanding of Industrial Engineering
- Cost accounting, budget and cost control
In all the above areas, it is said that it is very important to learn clothing technology. It is necessary to take part in the work after the completion of the course and then build up knowledge in that particular field. Otherwise, self-improvement will not come.
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