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Customized warm down jacket and cold say Byebye
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Down clothes keep warm. Many companies and teams choose customized down clothes. Why are down clothes so warm? Custom down clothing manufacturer Zhuangte clothing knitting to share.

Down clothes help keep warm by storing warm air in the insulation layer of down clothes. When choosing insulation sheath, heat transfer is very important, because there are three forms: radiation, conduction and convection.

Convection: Hot air rises to close the collar and wear a scarf around the neck and tie legs to prevent heat escaping. The more air in the down jacket, the higher the temperature.

Radiation: The body emits heat. Wear upper and insulated clothes to keep the body warm.
Conduction: Heat travels through the material by heating the surrounding molecules. The lower the conductivity, the better to reduce heat exchange.
Compared with synthetic insulation options, down is the best choice for keeping warm with the lightest weight. The biggest disadvantage is that when wetted, the insulation performance will be lost. Down jackets are particularly susceptible to moisture. Of course, warm air is maintained. Composite insulating sheaths are more flexible in wet conditions, which can keep warm, but may be slightly warmer. Weigh them before buying insulated down jackets.
When choosing insulated down jackets, many products will be found to be available, depending on the season. Winter is the best time to buy insulated down jackets, but attention should be paid to filling power, filling volume, and outer materials.
Filling power: In cubic inches of volume, when inhaled air, down will expand.
Filling: Measure the total amount of all feathers in a particular insulating sheath will increase, the larger the filling volume, the warmer the insulating sheath.
Outer Layer: If the down jacket is down, then if the outer layer is waterproof, it helps to keep the downward saturated fluffy degree less insulated.
Many down jackets have two different choices, sleeveless and sleeveless, which are very useful for those who are free to exercise. Customized down jacket is a kind of clothing that can help to resist cold, wind, snow or rain. It should contain a thick insulation layer. Even without exercise, the body will keep warm. It should also be windproof and precipitation. A good winter down jacket needs to be kept dry and should have a waterproof and breathable shell.
In addition to serving in cold environments, customized down jackets are often longer, suitable for leisure and more formal occasions. Compared with lightweight counterparts for cold weather sports, down jackets include more functions. Increased comfort and livability, because weight is not the main concern. For outdoor activities in cold weather, if the outdoor time involves wet or windy weather, a warm down jacket is needed.
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