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A little knowledge about down jacket?
Release time:2018-11-15   Source of the article:   

    Down jacket is the best thing for us to defend against cold. It's light and warm, but we don't know the composition of down very well. I just share a little of what I know with you.

    According to the content of down, more than 95% of the down is top grade. Its shape is like dandelion. Hands hold one by one, blow one by one. It is very beautiful. The down clothes made feel very soft. There are basically no impurities in them. In addition to the down, there is also the down. The down is short filament after the feather is crushed, and the content of the down is very low. If the down content is high, the down content is low. Hold one hand and blow one blow, the air floats down, while the silk is down, the quality of down clothes is poor, and the warmth retention is poor.

    Down production process is very cumbersome, a duck body only a little down under the wings can be used, it has to go through hair removal, filtering, disinfection, cleaning, hair separation, and then drying and then put into the market, so the price of down is very expensive, last year's sales of down clothing is very good, so this year's manufacturers specialize in making down clothing. Not much, so this year's feather market is bullish, so far, the feather with high content has risen to 300,000-330,000 per ton!
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