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Basic knowledge of
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Foreign trade clothing wholesale clothing store owners in the down jacket, some basic knowledge needs to have. Zhuangte Xiaobian today summarizes some basic knowledge of down jackets, and dedicates some information for clothing stores to enter suitable cotton clothes.

Down can be divided into goose down and duck down according to its origin, white down and gray down according to its color, besides, of course, there are black down produced by Icelandic down ducks and so on. In contrast, better feathers generally come from larger, more mature birds, so goose down is slightly better than duck down. In terms of color, White Velvet is more popular than grey velvet because it is white and can be used in light-colored fabrics without color penetration.

The down jacket has the characteristics of light, soft and warm. A down jacket made of nylon yarn weighs between 500 and 1000 grams, which is 1/6 to 1/2 of the weight of other winter clothes. Because of its soft down, it is used for clothes, and it is comfortable to wear. Down is not easy to occur fibreboard knot phenomenon; fabrics are mostly coated with high density fabric, which can keep more air in the clothes, and has good warmth retention. When a shopkeeper comes in, he wants to know what kind of goods he wants.

First, down garments have three views.

First look: see whether the registered trademarks and instructions of the goods are complete, whether the production process is perfect, whether the fluffy degree of down jackets is good, and whether there are inspection reports from provincial and municipal quality inspection departments.

Second Press: A good down jacket will bounce back soon if it is pressed down. If it bounces back slowly, the filler quality is not good. If it cannot bounce back, the filler may be chicken feather, duck feather or other crushed feathers of long yarn. It belongs to counterfeit and inferior products.

Triple: Down clothes made of real down are lightly and fluttering in the hand. If they are heavy, they may be crushed down. Four Touches: Knead down clothes by hand, if the hand feel is soft and complete, it is a good product, if the hand feel is soft but poor elasticity, or too large, too thick long and short feather tubes are fake and inferior products. Five precautions: China's domestic down garments contain more than 50%-70% down, while other ingredients are mostly fine. Consumers should not be confused by the high content of down on the clothing label, beware of being fooled.

Two. Attention to the preservation of down jacket after purchase.

Down clothes mostly use nylon and other fibers as fabrics, because the thermal resistance of nylon fabric is very poor, when the temperature reaches 160 C, it will deform, so when storing down clothes, it is necessary to avoid hot smoke, cigarette ash, fireworks and other scattered objects.

Three, down jacket to take the size of goods to have a good idea.
When you buy a down jacket, you need to have a grip on the size. Below is the size conversion method for Down garments. The clothing store owner can convert himself.
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