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The present situation of children''''''''s down garments industry in China
Release time:2018-11-14   Source of the article:   

    With the arrival of the marriage peak of post-80s and post-90s in recent years, post-80s and post-90s will become the mainstream group of young parents in the new era. The post-80s and post-90s era is a period of rapid social and economic changes in China. This generation is open-minded, pursuing fashion and taste, and has a strong brand awareness, which is quite different from the economic benefits of post-60s and post-70s.

    The consumption characteristics of the post-80s and post-90s determine their future orientation to their children's wearing styles. Even in the new era, children have strong subjective consciousness in clothing selection, and subconsciously, they also have the brand of young parents'consumption habits and social fashion trends. Therefore, the future trend of children's down clothing must be fashionable, personalized and brand. To study the market, we should first study the consumer groups, followed by product positioning. Without studying consumer groups and markets, it is impossible to accurately grasp the pulse of children's down garment industry in the future. After the characteristics of consumer groups are clear, it is not long to do not study products. An enterprise that does not innovate in product style, improve product quality, refine product materials and improve brand operation will not be able to achieve sustainable growth.

    What opportunities does children's down jacket fashion bring to us? The characteristics of consumer groups determine the habit of consumption orientation, and the habit of consumption determines the channel of consumption style. At present, many enterprises know that children's down jackets have to follow the fashion line to get a way out, but the concept of fashion is too broad, the style of avant-garde is fashionable, the unique fabric is fashionable, the popular color is fashionable, the fashion collocation is fashionable, so this formulation can not be reasonably positioned. At present, our so-called fashion children's clothing basically stays in the state of buying and copying, and seldom has its own artistic wisdom in it, so it is difficult to produce international brands, which can not be said to be a great sadness of China's clothing industry. Generally, the mainland copies Hong Kong and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Taiwan copies Japan and Korea, Japan and Korea copies Europe and the United States, while top fashion designers in Europe and the United States return to the origin and go to the primitive tribes of Africa to find inspiration.

     There are also some opinions that the development trend of children's down jackets is adultization, which is representative. At present, many children's down jackets are miniaturized versions of adults, and the market is very popular. However, this concept is relatively narrow, can only be said to be one aspect of the development of children's down jackets, and can never be replaced. The future development direction of children's down jacket is pointed out.

     The author has been engaged in children's apparel industry for many years, and has had in-depth exchanges with many children's down apparel business owners, agents and franchisees all over the country. The author believes that the future development direction of children's down apparel is fashion and lifestyle. On the one hand, it keeps pace with the trend of the times, has a strong flavor of the times, on the other hand, it is close to life and simple. The quality of such children's down garments can be bigger and stronger. First of all, fashions are fashionable, full of the sense of the times and close to the consumption orientation of the current consumer groups. Fashion includes adult, leisure or outdoor, children's down jacket does not necessarily have to be uniformly cute cartoon, or cotton jacket, jacket, Niko overcoat, and even jeans. These are the future directions of development. Children's clothes are involved in enterprises as long as they are in a certain detail. There is a breakthrough in style, and I believe it will be popular in the market.

     Finally, the network consumption market potential of the post-80s and post-90s is huge, which is also determined by their growing characteristics and consumption habits. If we want to do well in the children's down clothing industry, we must pay enough attention to the business channel, entity and network go hand in hand.
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