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Dance costumes should cater for climate change
Release time:2018-11-09   Source of the article:   

    After National Day, the weather is getting colder and colder. Most people don't want to dance more and more. For some people who like dancing, they prefer dancing, because dancing can help them shape better and experience better. At the same time, matching warm and comfortable dancing clothes can make them more passionate and enthusiastic. To jump, then follow the little editor together to see...

    With the change of climate, dance costumes also begin to pay attention to warmth preservation, which not only allows dancers to dance freely without external factors, but also can play the largest dance performance under the condition of body warmth preservation, so that dancers have more blood to put into performance. In addition, dance costumes themselves have the special effect of rendering dancers'stage beauty. When the dancer performs on the stage, a gorgeous and beautiful turn makes the audience bright, thus arousing the audience's cheering appeal and making the whole scene more lively.

    Finally, the editor thought, "Actually, dance costume is not only to create beautiful stage decoration for dancers, but also to help create an atmosphere for the whole stage atmosphere, so that the scene has more atmosphere."
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