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Problems needing attention in choosing children''s national costume
Release time:2018-11-07   Source of the article:   

     Nowadays, more and more children learn national dance. When we participate in children's national dance performances and competitions, good children's national costumes will add luster to the whole national dance. What problems should we pay attention to when choosing children's national costumes?

     First of all, pick up children's national costumes. The so-called pick-and-choose is that the selected children's national costumes should match the national dance, dance theme and performance stage that the children dance. And not just for good looks and personality. For example, children dance classical folk dance, so they have better choice and reference. If you choose to dance, you need to choose according to the children's own conditions, dance movements, stage and other aspects.

    Secondly, choose children's national costume to fit well. Stature and temperament. Children's national costume is too loose, it will make children appear too small, and is not conducive to the expression of dance theme; children's national costume is too tight, it will affect the extension of children's dance movements, but also children's physical development is not good. So it is a very important issue to choose the size of children's national clothing, but we can choose customized children's national clothing, according to the characteristics of each child's body, customize the appropriate size, solve the size problem, and wear comfortable.

    Finally, we need to pay attention to the common sense that the weather is getting colder and colder. Why do children's national clothing not keep warm? In fact, as a kind of national dance costume, children's national costume pays attention to the performance effect. In order to make the performance effect better, it often does not consider whether the costume fabric is warm or not, and more prominent visual effect.
The last:Children''''s knowledge of dance costumes must be read by parents.
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