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Colorful children''''s national dance costumes
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   Children's national costumes have different characteristics in different nationalities. Children's national dance costumes with different characteristics constitute a rich and colorful national dance costumes.

   Children's Uighur costumes are more varied, distinctive and beautiful. Uighur people prefer contrasting colors to make the red brighter and greener. Uygur men are black and white, so bold and bold. Uygur is a flower-loving nation. People wear embroidered hats, embroidered clothes, embroidered shoes, embroidered bags and embroidered towels. Embroidery in clothing is closely related to flowers.

   The Zhuang people are good at textiles and embroidery. The Zhuang cloth and brocade they weave are famous for their beautiful patterns and colorful colors. They are also praised for their unique "batik" style. Children are not much different from adults in dress. Girls are colorful. They especially like to embroider characters with five-color silk thread on shoes, hats and chest pockets. Patterns, birds and beasts, colorful flowers and so on constitute colorful children's Zhuang costumes.

   The clothes of the Yi people in Liangshan are colorful and unique. Historically, because of the numerous branches of the Yi nationality and the scattered residence, the clothing in different places is obviously different, with different styles and strong regional color. Many areas in Liangshan have cold seasons and little climate change, so the seasonal dress of the Yi nationality is not strong, and Chaerwa (shawl) is perennial. There are many branches of the Yi nationality, and there are large differences in clothing among different countries.
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