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Selection and matching of children''''s dance costumes
Release time:2018-11-01   Source of the article:   

    A children's favorite nursery rhyme, widely circulated, this melody is beautiful, is a famous children's song, the lyrics describe the children's imagination of the mysterious universe and the desire to explore, reflecting the children's pursuit of a better world. In their beautiful fantasy, the vast space of the universe is so full of vitality, so poetic and picturesque, so when the competition with children's dance costumes should be how to choose? Next, follow the little editor to see...

   This song has beautiful melody, wide rhythm, and distinct rhythm. It creates beautiful and magical artistic conception. The clever metaphor in the lyrics brings us endless reverie. The melody of the song is steady and quiet. The ending part of the song pushes the melody to a climax, and then gradually returns to a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Combining this characteristic, we should choose simple and elegant style when matching the dance costumes, so as to make the dance costumes and the program type as special as possible. Match, so as to better show the overall tone of the program.

   A group of innocent, childish young play scenes, can let children in the beautiful singing get a beautiful feeling, in the beautiful singing to express fantasy and pursuit. Then in the performance of the small edition suggested that we should choose some pure and elegant dance costumes, to a certain extent, can set off a child's pure and clear mental world, and create a quiet and moving atmosphere of songs, so that the whole performance has more highlights.
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