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Colorful dance costumes
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   Dance costumes are different according to the types of dances, costumes are also different, it can be said that the classification of dance costumes is the classification of dance; according to the type, dance costumes can be divided into three categories: classical dance, modern dance, national dance.

   Classical dance refers to the typical traditional dance of all nationalities and regions in ancient times. Its dance movements and techniques are strictly regulated, and it is a stylized dance. Classical dance mainly refers to the classical dance in ancient China. For example, "Fan Dance Danqing", "Sword Dance Flying Snow", "Flying Sky", "Drunken Concubine", "Drunken Drum", "Soul of Qin Terra-cotta Warriors" and so on, the classical dance pays attention to stage, grand scale, noble and gorgeous, magnificent, classical dance costume extravagant.

   Modern dance costumes are not as obvious and careful as they are in classical costumes and national dances. Modern dance is mainly about expressing personal real feelings and being close to modern life, so its clothing also comes from life. Modern dance costumes are generally based on the content of the performance and mood to choose clothes, but also can be said that modern dance costume selection is relatively free.

   Ethnic dance originates from the life of human social groups and is gradually formed, spread and evolved in certain ethnic groups, times and regions. Folk dances are the most popular dances in the classification of dances and dresses. Like Mongolian dancing costumes, Tibetan dancing costumes, Xinjiang dancing costumes, Miao dancing costumes and other dancing costumes between each ethnic group are different, so with the most intuitive ethnic minority costume features.
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