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What about children''''s dance costumes?
Release time:2018-11-01   Source of the article:   

    As we all know, there are many types of children's dance, for different dances, children's choices of dance clothes are also very different, followed by the understanding of different dances, summed up the differences of different children's dance clothes, followed by the children's choreography to look at...

    Firstly, the elegant ballet dance needs the dancer to let go of oneself heartily, the movement performance is in place, in the stage limited space to show off and publicize the noble style, needs to have the esthetic feeling every move, the ballet to the esthetic request is extremely high. It is a "sculpture of flowing music and activities", so when choosing children's dance costumes, we should consider the characteristics of ballet itself, and show the essence of ballet through the costumes the most beautiful posture of the dancers.

    Second, the Latin dance movement energy-consuming, passionate and unrestrained dance, so in children's Latin Dance Costume customization and dance skills more casual, do not need a fixed partner, dance more enthusiastic; Latin dance costumes require unique style novel, rich color, on the one hand, highlight the children's nature. The lively character, on the other hand, shows the essence of the Latin dance itself.
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