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The combination of dance costumes and dance movements
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    Dance costume can improve the overall expressiveness of dance works, show the style of dance works, portray the personality of characters, show the role of dance, highlight the artistic personality of dance works, different dance movements have different requirements on the structure of dance costume.

    The most important thing in dancing is the limbs and waist. In order to achieve the best effect of dancing, the design industry of dancing costumes must reasonably handle the structure according to ergonomics and movement amplitude. For example, clothes can be attached to or under the clothes, sleeveless, pendulum and other design methods to adapt to the amplitude of limb movements. For example: Dai dancing is generally more rigid, dancers are wearing narrow swing skirt, which forms the Dai dance in the unique squat step and bow step.

     As the essence of dance art, the rhythm of the body not only includes the external movement posture, but also pays more attention to the rhythm combing and the corresponding rhythm matching of costumes, which is the reflection of the dancers'internal quality and accomplishment. Therefore, extending to the body, dance performance, that is, any form of dance, must grasp its basic rhythm, in order to correctly grasp the corresponding clothing and clothing matching, to reflect its unique expressive force, style, characteristics. For example, cheerful rhythm should have short and exquisite dance costumes to show the bright rhythm.
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